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Our Craft

We don’t produce tequila, we create it.
Discover the nine stages of Our Craft.

We don’t produce tequila, we create it.
Discover the nine stages of Our Craft.


Tradition matters. Details Matter. Only hand-harvested 100% Blue Weber agaves are used to make Espolòn Tequila.

The first step on our journey to create an exceptional tequila happens in the agave field. There, jimadores hand-harvest 100% Blue Weber agave. It’s almost like agricultural artistry. Whatever you call it, that’s the secret to exquisite tequila.


We don’t cut corners on flavor. We steam cook our piñas in custom built autoclaves.

Tradition can set limits or inspire innovation. For Maestro Tequilero Cirilo, it was the latter. Expanding on his respect for traditional cooking techniques by drawing on his engineering background, he created custom stainless-steel autoclaves. These pressurized ovens cook the piñas at a consistent temperature and pressure, and produce the sweet, earthy, caramelized notes that are essential to our tequila.


We ground up our piñas and ensure that we extract every bit of sugar so the yeast doesn't go hungry.

In order to extract the remaining sugar from the fibrous agave pulp, or bagasse, the cooked piñas are pressed by passing through roller mills. After the sugar is extracted, the leftover bagasse is turned into fertilizer. Some of it is given to local farmers for future crops.


We add art to science, playing classical music for the yeast as it works.

In the entire tequila-making process, the hardest workers are the ones you can’t see, like Yeasts – microorganisms that turn starches into alcohol. They do their best work when they’re given the luxury and freedom of taking their time. Maestro Cirilo had such a deep and profound respect for yeast and the work they do that we play classical music for them while they work, believing it helps the yeast activate thanks to the vibrations of the music’s sound waves. You can credit Ramòn for the inspiration.


We double down on distillation, using a combination of pot & column stills to extract our agave-forward flavor profile.

Our distillation process is like a dance: it’s full of cooperation and music. We use a combination of two types of stills. There’s the more traditional pot still which produces an earthy taste, and the column still which gives a lighter, fruitier taste.


We identify only the finest cuts to make our tequila.

When you really think about it, everything in life is a balancing act. Whether you’re talking about something as detailed as a chef’s creations or as grand as work/life balance, it takes effort and commitment to achieve perfection. Maestro Cirilo’s balancing act was one of extreme detail.


Human hands create our tequila, time perfects it.

Rich, complex, and well-rounded – that’s the goal for Espolòn tequilas, and it’s why we only age in #2 charred American oak barrels. To honor the flavor produced by this process, we add our tequila to the barrel at lower alcohol volume. That means we have to add less water before bottling and retain more flavor.


Bottled at our own distillery.

Our tequila is finished at our distillery, Casa San Nicolas (NOM-144), dressing each bottle of Espolòn in our distinctive labels, inspired by the artwork of José Guadalupe Posada. We take a lot of pride in this fact.

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